In our dataset, we have separated the data points into two functions of search marketing: SEO and PPC. 

For our SEO dataset, we use the following data points:

  • Domain Rating (ahrefs)
  • Total Keywords (ahrefs)
  • Total Traffic (ahrefs)
  • Organic Traffic Value (SEMrush)
  • Referring Domains (ahrefs)
  • Backlinks (ahrefs)

We use the API's of SEMrush and ahrefs to pull this data.

For our PPC dataset, we use the following data points: 

  • Est. Ad Spend
  • Paid Keywords
  • Est. Monthly PPC Clicks

We use the SpyFu API to pull this data.

For both SEO and PPC data points, the data should be viewed as "relative" not "absolute". 

What this means is that the data might not perfectly match reality, but because all the data is pulling from the same source it is accurate relative to the other companies in the data set. 

Please use the data for relative benchmarking, comparison, and analysis, not absolute truth.

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